Japan Photolog #1

11:53 pm

The only deer we spotted with antlers that weren't cut.

So, here I am, back from an unintentional 9 month hiatus from the blogosphere. #oops

Words seem to escape me too many times when I try to pen (type) them down. So instead, here is Part 1 of a selection of images from my travels in wintry Japan. 

KIN by Us; Macquarie Park

11:40 pm

If you watched or followed My Kitchen Rules 2014 as faithfully as I did, then the names Uel and Shannelle should ring a bell. Coined as the newlyweds who were all about comfort food and home-style cooking, the couple have taken this concept to a whole new level by opening their first cafe, KIN by Us in Macquarie Park.

Since their opening on the 25th of February earlier this year, I've already been there twice... yes, that is 2 times in the span of slightly over a month. #unashamed #noragrets. Actually, if not for the distance, I would probably make KIN a weekly affair. 

Why, you ask? Well...

iP5-ography: February through to March

5:10 pm

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, UTS

Since I made the resolution to (try and) become a more habitual blogger, I've found it pretty hard to figure out what content I should blog about. So to avoid getting too caught up in that, I've decided to have the occasional pictorial post containing images captured through the lens of my now-outdated iPhone 5 - not that i'm complaining, the phone still works perfectly fine. Apologies for the low-res images; my phone has definitely had some rough times over the many occasions I've dropped it, and the camera sensor has taken the bulk of the damage. Except for the time the screen glass smashed into thousands of pieces...